Thursday, 25 November 2010


Its not always dark, cold, wet and windy round these parts although you'd be forgiven for thinking that today. Just the other day I took myself off to the Crofter to see what mayhem was happening armed to the teeth with a large and unwieldy plate camera and an old Kodak 35mm jobbie. The sun was really bright, no wind to speak of and warm, or warmish as well. Mr Crofter et al were engaged in moving little woolly beasts for here to there in order that Mr Sheeps - he of no-horns and white wool - can have his way with the ladies of the black wool. And I believe the boys of the black-wool get to have a look in too with some girlies.

The only thing was that the girls were on one croft and white-woolie on the other. To sort this conundrum necessitated a walk on the road since the old track that connected the crofts is now partially blocked at some point. Mr Crofter has no sheep dog - which really isn't much loss since most of the ones I see round these parts spend too much time chasing cars, smelling ones' bits, sleeping or fighting other dogs ! So Mr Crofter resorted to carrying the bucket of food trick and soon the pretty little black woolly ladies were following him up the road and into the croft where white-woolly was waiting.
Of course there was the usual too and froeing, gate opening and shutting and sheeps all over the place but soon they were where they were supposed to be and white-woolely had already decided that Christmas for him had come early Something that turk- back at the Croft - was not keen to hear.
The Kodak Retinette 35mm with Polypanf movie film was used in earnest. The plate camer got used later!

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