Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Sometimes, it all feels too much
CJ- trapped at last
In but not fast and those horns are sharp!
CJ the bull needed a little care and attention the other day. I'd wandered down to the Croft to say hello and do a spot of mutual whinging and noticed the boys and girls hemmed up in the coral. Apparently, CJ had the runs and needed some medication. Now, CJ is not the most compliant bull I have had the pleasure to meet. He almost had my arm off when I'd ventured to close to the fence one day.
The Crofter has a crush - its a machine that traps beasts within its confines that allows the aforesaid crofter to get close without losing his life. The only thing was, on a previous occasion, the beasts had managed to run right through when the thing that falls down and lets the doors close to trap the beasts didn't. Dad Crofter and the Crofter imself got to work with some oil and a spanner and soon the thing seemed to be working better. Probably. I was warned to be on my guard but, determined to get a good snap of CJ charging me without use of a red rag and with full confidence in the Crofters mechanical abilities I stayed put. CJ came and came and came and then, with my heart beating a tad faster, the doors closed around his neck. He wasn't happy. bucking and shaking the crush, Mr Crofter got a little closer and with a handy piece of wood, locked the crush so CJ could not move. Much.
To get Cj to take the medicine , the Crofter then had to tie CJ's head to one side and administer the stuff forcibly with an over-large syringe thing.
All was soon done, CJ let out to play and the Crofter retired into the house for a well-earned cuppa!

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