Saturday, 23 March 2013


Poor little Poppy - for that is the new coow-ettes flavour - has been a tad under the weather. She was rather keen to explore the croft yesterday but the cold got to her and the coow physician had to be called to give her a tonic. Now she resides with Hyacinth in a nice warm barn all surrounded by hay-bales to keep the cold east-wind that is roaring across the island out.


Luckily Mr Crofter Sir had a delivery of hay from the mainland the other day - the evening he was meant to be coming out for dinner as it happens. But, I am sure Poppy is most grateful for the hay-bale wall as well as something nice to lie on.


A few of the hay-rolls outside the tooth factory prior to their re-positioning in the barn. I think perhaps the rolling of the rolls and the carrying of the bales got the better of The Crofter that evening. I mean, he even turned down a dram in front of the fire!

Meanwhile, the chickens, turkeys and the like can use the draped hay-rolls as a nice perch in a barn.

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