Saturday, 16 March 2013


There were three here, now two

We were out at the old, borrowed apportionment the other day. I rather suspect Mr Crofter Sir, him of the grazings, shoppe etc, likes to arrange a 'happening' from time time - when he thinks my blog is a little slow no doubt.
There are two beasts out there now after Hyacinth came in for some bed rest prior to her giving birth to another calf-ette. She rests less than contentedly in the birthing barn waiting for something to ahppen - and food to arrive. Meanwhile Diogenes and Flash reside out on the apportionment - Flash not being so keen since it's the first time away from mum. But it seem Diogenes is schooling Flash in the ways of exiled Shetland coows by chasing The Crofter across the land as he ventured in with a bag of feed in hand. And I have the snaps to prove I think -  although the film is yet to be sloshed in chemicals to show the images. Anyway, I have never seen The Crofter move so fast - except when Tinga looked like she was going to place he horns where horns didn't out to be in The Crofter :-).

There is also good news on the new apportionment - Eve and I were out inspecting the progress this morning and witnessed a momentous event - of which more another time. Needless to say The Crofter was smiling - for a change :-(

Just remembered I had a film from the Zorki4 hanging in the dryer thing so popped out and found these snaps. Not quite the masterpieces I had taken in my mind by hey, I just snap away!

See the interest of Flash as The Crofter takes a bale of hay stuff and a BAG of FOOD as well. You can almost feel Flash slavering at the thought.

And here we see [excuse me while I giggle helplessly for a moment] The Crofter legging it away from an over-interested Flash and Diogenes. Told you I had a snap didn't it?

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