Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Yay! Another coow-ette has arrived. Mrs Hyacinth delivered the little one without any of the fuss that Esme created. And yes I have a snap and no, I haven't developed it yet. It has yet to named on account of it's unknown flavour.

Mr Crofter Sir, the 40 year old down the road was coming out for a celebration dinner with Eve and I last night - but the hay delivery came late. Saw the lorry trekking back to the ferry as we tootled home. Ah well, another day perhaps.

The new apportionment has now been properly apportioned and fenced by The Crofter, family and friends. And a wonderful job they have done too. Looks like nothing is going to get through - but they have managed to remember a gate. Just need to have it GPS'd and the coows can have a look then.

Dad Crofter supervised 'The Hanging of the Gate' and smiled as he did it. Mr Crofter Sir took the wheezing tractor up there as he needed to pull the Land-Rover out of the wet peat where it had sunk up to it's armpits. Friends eh?

Still, look at the fence. Has a touch of the Hebridean in it already!

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