Saturday, 9 March 2013


I'm not sure the new apportionment that the Crofter has use of is finished yet. Can't be sure because I'm not really aware what it will look like when it is finished. I suppose the coows will be looking it over. Yes, that will be a give-away.

In the meantime, The Crofter and Dad Crofter are still giving a bite to eat to the coows still on the borrowed apportionment which means a mechanical beast - one that's working and everything - has to take out a roll of hay-stuff as well as some lovely dry-stuff for the coows - including Diogenes who is huge these days - to eat.

I get to go along and point an old camera at them. See if anything un-towards happens. It doesn't. But I snap all the same. I shall came back again just to see if The Crofter falls into a wet patch!

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