Tuesday, 12 March 2013


There are other crofters in North Tolsta - other than The Crofter - formerly known as Paul. You might havbe seen snaps of some of the others before but, I must admit they have rather taken a back seat recently due to the excitement in The Crofter's life. I mean, looks like there's another calf on the way and Hyacynith has been brought back to the ranch today so she can have her foal in comfort. relative comfort. I haven't been down this afternoon so don't be getting all excited up because I have no snaps of her.

But I do have a snap of Hector. Somewhere. Look here, there's a nice snap of a Murdo too. Murdo now has this huge vehicle with which to get the milk from the shoppe. Very impressive - and you could get a fleet of sheeps in the back if you wanted to. Reminds me of a scene from Local Hero - which, if you have not seen, you must!

And there's this lovely crofter - whom I forget his name but should imagine it's either Murdo or Donald! Lovely chap whatever his name is.

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