Friday, 12 February 2010


YeeHa Mhath,
She say yea!!! Yea. Hyacinth, Tinga and CJ have had their blood results back and I'm told their cholesterol levels are just right and their blood pressures are ok too - or something like that. Whatever it was Ms Vet of Tromsø or somewhere says they are happy and healthy and that's great news. Mr Crofter was grinning from ear to ear and that was great to see too.YeeHa.

Apologies for the interesting snap of the Coows but I put it in the developer last night - homoeopathic dilutions for 2 hours - which usually works a treat - then promptly forgot about it when a chum arrived for a cup of green tea and a chat. Took it out of the developer this morning, fixed them and they were fine [ish] Printable anyway :-)

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