Thursday, 11 February 2010


Never ever mess with an ex-biker's woman

Biker Crofter and Biker Crofter's Moll at the ditching [by the sea]

Mr Crofter on The Beast.

Just to let you all know since I'm sure you have not been sleeping too well worrying about him, CJ is doing fine resplendent with his new ring.

Today the sun shone again and the ditches needed sorting so out came the digger contraption - an interesting machine that Mr Crofter propels around the croft like a spider. Does the job though and Mr Crofter enjoys himself moving piles of wet dirt this way and that. The idea is too dry out one part of the croft that seems to have a spring feeding in. Word has it that there used to be a pond there and my guess is that Wobbler and his web-footed feathered friends wishes there was one there now. Mr Crofter does not wish there was one there now since Hyacinth sinks up to her, her...... up to her underparts in the mire that is there now.

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