Wednesday, 10 February 2010


A shot in the dark
Local interest in CJ's plight and the contents of the Vets bag.

Part Deux mhath,

The round-up completed, the Vet primed and ready to go, I moved in for the snapping. Only, I just watched a little bit as my stomach can't really take operations - and CJ's ring turned out to be going through his nose!

Since CJ was trying to take out the crush with his energetic exertions - luckily not directed at me - it was time for the cow-whisperer to get to work. The Vet calmly walked up to a raging CJ, looked him straight in the eye, whispered a few calming words in his flapping ears and then promptly popped round the back and gave him a jab of something strong up his rear end. Ah Ha! That calmed him somewhat. In no time the vet had secured CJ's head given him a local in his nose and then...... then I walked away.

Apparently, it was done, the ring securely secured in the security of Cj's nose, The Crofter happy as Larry the Lamb [google it!] and Tinga and Hyacinth wondering what all the fuss was about. Soon they were find out as the brave vet dealt with their blood tests [blood pressure - look at their tongues - that sort of thing] in no time and they were allowed back out onto the prairie - oh, sorry onto the croft.

However, CJ by this time had sunk to his knees seemingly oblivious to his newly acquired token of affection in his nose, sleeping it all off in the bottom of the crush. Mr Crofter tried to get him to his senses with a kindly but wary prod and a shaking feed bucket but CJ was having none of it. For 30 mins or so he laid there head gently resting on the crush wall. Then Ms Vet, having re-cured her lungs encouraged CJ with a good talking to and a quick nudge; CJ all of a sudden realising that Hyacinth and Tinga were on their way back up the croft without him, got to his feet and staggered unsteadily away like a late night reveller out of the Clachan bar [Or any other bar for that matter].

Oh joy of joys, the ordeal was over and we could all pack up, go home, have a nice cup of camomile and fall asleep in front of t'fire.

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