Friday, 5 February 2010


Rowlston Duo

We were moving some gravel. I say 'we' but in fact it was Biker Crofter and Mum Crofter who were actually doing the work; digging the stuff out of the pile with what I was reliably informed was a 'continental shovel'. I was suitably impressed. Impressed enough to snap the shovel in use and include myself in the 'doing'. Not sure why the continentals use shovels shaped like this; one can only assume its part of their culture. Unlike the culture here which seems to use any shaped shovel - as long as its rusty.

The gravel had to be moved from here [gesturing vaguely to my left] to there [somewhere near The Crush]. Note the capitals - The Crush. Eh? Its a thing to hold a cow thing in while they - the crofter or vet or both do unspeakable things to them - like give them an injection or in the case of Tinga - put a ring through his nose. I don't like seeing such things but since Tinga tried to head-butt me [albeit with a metal bar between us] I've not been able to look the beast in the eye without sending a shiver down my spine. Tinga can have a blimin ring! He is a bit punky anyway.

While 'we' were doing this work, the next door neighbour appeared which was lovely since Donald - for that is his name [like the other 150 or so Donalds in the village] hasn't been too well and I don't get to see him much. I'm not sure why he is called Donald - although he probably isn't called that but Dòmhnall [the Gaelic] - I'm not sure why we call Donald, Donald when Donald with the ducks is called 'Curls - or Don Curleone' and Donald who looks after the Highland Cows is called 'Clocks' and 'Donald four tractors' has four tractors as it happens. It must make sense to someone.
Anyway, Donald the fish as I shall call him, used to be a fisherman I believe and is the source of many a tale . [I remember him telling me how they used to put the flat fish - plaice etc - onto the sand on the beach so that it would be easier to pull the boat up since flat fish were not so popular in these parts. Eh?]. Or I might have dreamt that bit.
Donald was looking to find out what was going on; the gravel being moved here and there [gestures vaguely again], The Crush and the reason for it all [Vet, bull, ring etc]. [Perhaps that should be; Ring, Vet, bull - else the front seats to the 'show' next Tuesday when the vet arrives might fill up too quickly on the account of the idea that Hector the Vet might be taking part in a bull-fight. Perish the thought!].

Snaps above;
*Top; the Rowlston Duo. a job specific wheelbarrow / silage bale mover design pionered by the Crofter. Here you see the removable barrow bit having fallen off the wheel part avec gravel.

*Middle. Donald the fish talks to Roger Rabbit - or is it Biker Crofter? Hard to tell.

*Bottom. Donald Fish

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