Friday, 19 April 2013


Did I tell you it was damp? As you can see from this parade of fashionable crofter types, it was. Note the slightly ill-fitting jacket, the thick gloves and the hats. You can tell summer is on its way.

Mr Crofter was so very attentive to his flock, checking that the little ones have been looked after nicely by their mothers - even if that meant penning them in together so they get the idea - and then sitting in the sheeps hutch to keep an eye on things. This one was a result and the little back sheeps was cuddled next to her mum and taking a snack too.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Mum Crofter was shepherding the orphans/delicate ones. Feeding them when they called, mopping the kitchen floor after them and ushering them outside when it was dryer to get a breath of fresh air. All part of a long day.

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