Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The sunshine was warm. The cold wind had abated somewhat and Mr Crofter Sir, him of the committees etc, had his best flat hat on - all proper Yorkshire like. Apparently, believe this if you will, it's to prevent him getting sunburnt on his head! Sunburnt! In April! On the Isle of Lewis. Eh?

All the same it makes him look very 'authentic' or something - and I told him so. In fact I told him he looked rather smart. I didn't add 'for a change' - even if that was what I was thinking.

I mean, how northern is that look eh? Nice shape with the old water trail though - just to annoy the piggie who was lurking under my right elbow as I snapped the shot. The poly-tunnel is still without it's summer covering. I should imagine that might be imminent. Who knows?

Ohh, he looks proper smart from the back as well. What's going on? Who is he trying to impress? Maybe it's the result of 'being in print'

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