Wednesday, 3 April 2013


As I mentioned, The Croft is crawling with little piglings at the moment. Fifteen to be precise. Just in time for the visitors they have staying - to coo over. Only they are Yorkshire folk who are staying so not sure cooing is what they do. Bah Tat or not.

 Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich.. Plus 2 Others and Mum. Really. Well, I think.

Batch No. 1

See, they have been busy down on the Croft. Well, the piggies anyway. When I say 'the piggies' I mean the little piggies since the big piggies have yet to produce. They just eat sleep etc. I begin to wonder what they are for.

Geese in hoops

And while we are talking good for nothings, has anyone out there got a goose recipe to send the Crofter Sir, him of the committees etc ? I have never been so fed up with his beings as these I can tell you. If they squawk - or whatever they do - at me again making me jump out my skin I shall be looking for a dish to fit them myself - and I'm a vegetarian!

Yorkshire men - with Tats

The sun is still shining you'll be pleased to hear - although the croft is as dry as un-buttered cold toast. Along with the cool wind it's not encouraging the grass to grow. Ooh er.

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