Monday, 21 January 2013


Mr Crofter Sir is happy. As happy as he gets anyway. The tooth factory is warm and he has work to do. Dad Crofter is out feeding the animules and Mum Crofter is keeping the hoose in order. Outside, in the newly wind-proofed byre, young Colla is doing splendidly with Tinga somewhat calmer than she generally is.

 In the tooth factory

A cold wind is blowing hard across the village making an uncomfortable stroll down the road. The ferry from Stornoway has already been cancelled but, we have no snow here at present.

You know, it can be difficult to come up with something new at The Croft. I've been snapping down there for years now, the film negs are overtaking the summer parlour up here at Wiesmier Towers. Forgive me if it all gets a bit samey!

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  1. Always some variety, it seems, despite your uncertainty! Nice to see no snow on the Island right now, especially given the usual hysteria that accompanies its arrival doon soof!


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