Thursday, 10 January 2013


Meet Ilja [ill-ya]. He's Fluff's new friend, plucked for the obscurity of the flock at large to keep the young Fluff company now that Rambo has gone to another place. Seems to have settled in nicely - or so it seems as they trotted round the paddock that is their home at the moment. Close enough to Mum & Dad Crofters housey to get their regular toast in the morning and still gaze at the girls in the next croft.

 Fluff and Ilja come out the sunlight at me.

And then scamper down to make sure the girls are still in the next door croft.

Meanwhile, over at The Crofter's croft, Sue is preparing a stew for tea. I was so impressed I came home and threw one together for us - minus the meat!

Crofter dad was tickling a mixer into life or something technical like that in the back end of the out-house or whatever it's called these days. Maybe he was oiling it. Who knows? Not me that's for sure!

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