Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I have an apology to make; I was wrong. Totally  wrong in that it wasn't Hyacinth in the Byre but stroppy Tinga. I should have known. I was told after all and she did look really aggressively at me and everything. The way Tinga does. It was a coow though. I got that bit right.

But now we have another couple of pairs of legs to wonder about. Little leggies and two with white socks. See, Tinga in all her stroppyness and the like gave birth to this little coow of unknown flavour yesterday. It looks lovely from what I can see - only one doesn't get too close to Tinga - most of all when there's a little-un about.

Tinga shaking her head at me!

So I stood with Dad Crofter gazing at the little white-socks from a distance, with a long lens on the camera [there's a first time for everything!].

 Ahh, look at those little white socks

Oie! Don't come too close.

Mr Crofter Sir is currently perusing the Shetland Norse names book for young coows as I write and no doubt will come up with a suitable name once it's flavour has been ascertained.

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