Friday, 8 February 2013


I'm beginning to think that The Crofter is over-dished. I notice, with growing dismals, that there are now huge dishes up on the wall now. The first, I'm reliably informed by The Man himself, is so that he can watch Liverpool FC get beaten yet again.  "It's the only pleasure I have" I seem to recall a mantra oft chanted round these parts.

Only it isn't. Because now The Crofter has some proper satellite thing for the tinternet thing. The local system for getting the bits to ones house is expensive and slows remarkably as the evening progresses. One cannot see vids as the thing is far too pedestrian when it is going at all. But The Crofter now has a direct connection to some celestial object that beams the digital data straight to his flap top - fast. Eh?

Such a tart that Crofter.

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