Friday, 29 January 2010


Bad dude Biker Dad Crofter braves more snow and the cowpoo
Crofter becomes overwhelmed by tiredness and the aroma in the cow byre
I find The Crofter

The aroma reached me early in the day. Well, fairly early since I'd been in the darkroom, had a visit from another photographer and looked out on the falling snow before I ventured off down t'road. Then it hit me. That distinctive smell of cow poo stirred up by Crofter and Dad crofter clearing out the cow byre again. I found Mum Crofter hiding in the lounge resting her eyes and no doubt her nose as well. I was tempted to join her but, since I have wanted to snap The Workers, I had to brave the smell. I found Crofter sitting amid the 'stuff' having run out of energy temporarily and sheltering from the hail that was coming out of a sunshine lit sky. "Hello" I said, as you do. "Where's your shovel" came the reply, a reply that I conveniently didn't hear and commenced my snapping.
The snow started to fall again, the smell was getting to me and luckily I ran out of film, ran out of the croft and ran home. I bathed myself in Issey Miyake, drank four cups of camomile tea , meditated and got back to normal. I think.

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