Sunday, 10 January 2010


Querty; I mentioned him the other day having got into trouble. The trouble he got into was a fine battle out on the moor field after we had taken half the flock to join the other thirty thus putting two rams in the same field with the ewes and lambs.
Apparently, these big boys are ok together if, or shall I more accurately say, sometimes OK if the ewes are not in season, pregnant or the boys just too knackered after 'covering' the ewes. Now, while most of the ewes are pregnant and the lambs not in season yet, Querty and Big Boy seemed to sense there was something worth fighting for. Firstly Querty dug his big curly horns into BigBoys rump and then they squared up. A few paces back and a charge, heads crashing together with such a thump. Nothing sorted so they backed off more and charged. Then again the same getting further apart to run up with more force - eventually to about 50meters apart when charged full pelt at each other with Crofter, Mum & Dad and I holding our breath till they crashed together like dwarf stags, Big Boy falling down into a ditch with Querty thumping him and keeping him down. It was all a bit dramatic and frightening for me and we were wondering whether we would be taking an injured ram back across the moor to the croft that evening. The Crofter hopped over the fence and set off to see in BigBoy was ok. But before he got there BigBoy was up albeit a tad shakily and trying to keep out of Querty's way. Of course The Crofter gave them both a stern talking to before we left them to it.
I might add they were both fine in the morning with no physical damage discernible although BigBoy's pride was most obviously dented.

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