Friday, 28 July 2017


I hadn't been down to The Croft for a few days - what with The Barking Dog and me being busy and all that. I'd heard The Croft and his good wifey and Dad Crofter had won a few trinkets at a local show with their buns, beans and sheeps.  Not the mini-sheeps though, the Crofter is keeping those for a special occasion although I'm not what sort of occasion that is!

I found the Crofter and Dad Crofter playing hide and seek in the big shed. Seemed odd as the sun was shining outside and everything and you know it's always best to play outside. Turns out they were looking for some wire bits to start the Nice Tractor . Apparently, the electric box thing was flat - looked just like the others to me - and that meant the smoke producing engine bit wouldn't go. I added my unwanted knowledge to the situation and suggested they tow the thing out of the Big Shed with the Pimpmpmobile. They did that to my surprise and soon the very quiet tractor, a very Nice tractor was outside in the sunshine. The big string was found, knitted and everything so the Pimpmobile and the Nice Tractor were co-joined or something.

The Crofter had consulted his seaweed and said that rain was on the way so the sheeps had to go inside so they could have their haircut in the dry. You know, it's all so very complicated this crofting lark. You don't just leave them sheeps to enjoy themselves you know.

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