Wednesday, 2 July 2014


The Crofter is hard at work in the tooth factory catching up after his travels and what have you. Esmerelda, Rosenhild and Eric are 'enjoying' their first blow as the warm winds rush across the croft.

It was a bit better yesterday - if you like that sort of thing. Very warm and a great view across The Minch to the mountains of the mainland. [If you can see them, it's going to rain. If you can't, it's raining...]

There we are; the crofter in his factory - making teeth. What with all these new mouths to feed he better get cracking. 

Oh yes, there are some Shetland Coows for sale if you want them. All lovely and what have you.

There's always time to stop for a bucket of sweet tea - and pose for the obligatory photograph. And gaze lovingly at his Pile of Rust outside. Gemma is going to very busy when she arrives later this year - renovating the PoR and milking the coows!

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