Sunday, 25 May 2014


'Ere. The Crofter has a new pile of rust lurking outside The Factory at the moment. Flew it in from the southern isles on a low-loader. Not exactly what that means but it does sound impressive - even if the PoR is or at least was a tractor. A David Brown one as it happens. 

It works too. Well, apart from that thing on the front which at the moment has to be hand-winched up and down utilising some rope and shackles.And apart from the engine which belches smoke when running and the fuel line whch leaks like a perverbial seive. Oh, and the flat tyre, the crunched roof. Apart from that it's just dandy. Gemma is most impressed I can tell you.

Yes, Gemma has arrived and was ensconced cosily in the lounge watching the footie with The Crofter and Widdle, the little lamb who seems to have made itself very much at home whilst her mother braves the wintery blast of a summer breeze across Tolsta Head. Mr Crofter certainly knows how to impress!

Donald Four Tractors came down to see the PoR and was suitably impressed with the machine - as any tractor aficionado would be. See, that bent bit on the left, that the bonnet of the PoR taken off after The Crofter had sawn the exhaust pipe off on account of the fixing bolts having been replaced with weld. Soon have that bonnet back gleaming again. Possibly.

Proof if proof was required that the thing moves. But do be careful not to slip of the diesel /oil on the road where the thing has been though!

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