Saturday, 5 April 2014


Still no sign of a little one from Tinga. Either she has got her legs crossed or else she hasn't been seeing the bull earlier in the year - and who could blame her?

But the other animules have to be sorted and despite it not being anywhere near Christmas, The Crofter drove his tractor thing backwards up the road to No. 10 croft where some of his sheeps were waiting.

I know that's not normal. But for here.....

Apparently the big potty on the back of the tractor thing had water in and coming up the slope frontwards meant the front wheels lifting off the ground which rather compromised the steering a tad.

So the potty was put in the croft and a 'arrangement' made that involved a piece old guttering and a 'thing' so the sheeps could have a wee drink.

They were waiting you know so a bit for the 'arrangement' had to be found.

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  1. It won't be long now til we are joining in with all of the antics!


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