Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Yay, eleven piglings have arrived! Granted it was a few days ago but now word got to me, I'd loaded the camera with film, bothered to walk down the road and everything, the blimin things are snuggled in their little warm centrally-heated hoosey refusing to come out for a photo-call. At least, refusing to come out for a photo-call in the moments I was there and outside, in-between the heavy and persistent hail and rain.

I stood under a roofette of the roofy place just by the hutch where the piglings were residing, ready to leap into action and pap them up. If the wetness would stop. It didn't much so I took delight in what I could see from my dryish perch - the coils of pipe stuff, the hail bouncing off The Crofter and Crofter's Dad's heads as they carried out what was left of the big pig-hutches after the piggies has leant on them, chewed them and let off wind in the general direction of the hutch wall. On second thoughts that last bit may have been The Crofter himself. Never mind, the hutch wall needed to be changed so that the soon to arrive more piglings have another nice warm hoosey to eat.

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