Friday, 25 June 2010


Mrs Turk
Chicks in their old quarters
Pig gets attention

The Crofter, bless his cotton/wool mix socks is away at the moment. Drove off over the skyline in Dad crofters car and down to the Royal show in Edinburgh - where I think he was showing ... showing....... something. Just hope it was not his nether regions :-(

Back on the ranch, Dad and Mum crofter are getting on with sorting the usual chaos, painting the kitchen floor and generally enjoying the peace and quiet. Pig got a good scratch-up from Mum Crofter, the chicks were moved from inside to outside quarters - these quarters now suitably armoured to stop marauding four legged beasties from ending the chicks little lives. Mum turk got a cuddle from Dad crofter before she decided to make a nest in Donald 'four tractors' field since she was not happy with the racket the chicks were creating in her home. And, the duckettes aren't keen on venturing out on the grass and into the pond. What's going on? The Crofter is not around thats what!

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