Saturday, 19 December 2009


You'll just have to use your imagination on this. I'm ill. Throat and all that. Nothing that a swig of night-nurse/single malt mix won't fix.
And I did venture out earlier anyway. Down to the croft, bravely picking my way down the snowy lane and managing not to fall over. I shot a couple of frames of the white stuff falling over the croft, croaked at The Crofter, drank his tea and came home.
Maybe it'll be better in the morn - and the snow might still be there.

Imagine this snap showing The Crofter knee deep in snow flakes being chased by a turkey - who, I might add is destined for the pot soon. And despite me being a vegetarian its not a moment too soon since the toe-rag has attacked me more than once.
Ok, its a rubbish snap but that's how I feel. Did you think this blog was about The Crofter??
But since you ask, The crofter was suppose to out celebrating a friends birthday in Stornoway tonight - he'll be orange from all the Irn Bru he'll be drinking. And he might have problems getting home since the snow is coming down harder now!!!

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