Sunday, 8 November 2009


Rams and the girls too
It the time of year in this village when the boy meet girl scenario happens. Sheep that is. The humans get their chance later.
There is a lot at stake here. You chose a nice ram who might like a few of the ladies and then you pop them together for a while and later you get some lovely little sheep-lets.
Only the boys have another idea and they've been fighting it out between themselves for the right to have the girls for themselves. Its a bit like what the deer do only you only have to look your window to see the rams rutting in the field. Actually, you can hear their heads crashing together while your supping a nice cup of green tea over breakfast sometimes. Its like Saturday night in Stornoway! [I'm told] You can see it in the rams too - with scars all over the shop. Pity really, because they all get a girl in the end anyway.
Here we see Mr Crofter and dad Crofter gazing lovingly at the girls before rounding them up to await their suitors.

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